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Richard Hunt Sculpture at Applewood


Q. I am an individual not affiliated with an organization. Am I eligible for a Mini-Grant?
A. Yes. In fact, individual artists are those we want to have apply.

Q. Do I need to be a City of Flint resident to apply?
A. No. You do not need to be a City of Flint resident, -but, your activity/project does need to take place in the City of Flint.

Q. What is meant by “community engagement”?
A. Community engagement refers to the active, authentic involvement of the target population in the planning and implementation of the project. This can take the form of focus groups to plan the design of the project to the participation of community members in the actual creation of the artistic work. It can also include structured opportunities for dialogue around the community issue the project is addressing.

Q. What is  “Arts and Cultural Learning”?
A. Arts Learning occurs when a project seeks to educate the participants (youth or adults) about a topic, a community issue or the arts themselves through participation in a hands-on arts project.

Q. What is “Arts and Culture for Community Change”?
A. Arts and culture experiences can bridge differences, build trust, deepen relationships and help find common ground on community issues. Arts and culture offer innovative strategies related to urban design, youth development and downtown and neighborhood revitalization and can also motivate civic action to promote fairness and justice.

Q. What is “Arts and Cultural Heritage”?
A. Culture and heritage embrace the language, traditions, rituals, food, life patterns, history, art and crafts of groups of people. The heritage and histories of Flint and its people inform who we are and illuminate present-day issues and future possibilities. These important dimensions encompass Flint’s identity, diversity and well being, from ethnicity to architecture and from history to the legacy of the labor movement.

Q. What is meant by “mutually beneficial collaboration”?
A. Collaborations are partnerships between artists and educational, governmental or human services entities which are beneficial to all partners and advance the goals of the project.

Q. Does my project have to be new?
A. Projects do not have to be new, but status quo initiatives will not receive funding priority. We encourage innovative projects and fresh ideas.

Q. Can I recieve this grant every year?

A. No. You may only receive a Share Art Flint grant for three consecutive years.

Q. If I am already receiving funding from the Ruth Mott Foundation, may I still apply for this grant?

A. No. If you are receiving funding from the Ruth Mott Foundation for operaitonal support or for project support for this project you may not apply for a Share Art Flint grant.

Q. Should I send my IRS determination letter or other support materials?

A. No. Please do not submit support materials for this grant.

Q. Can I fax, mail or hand-deliver my proposal?
A. No. Electronic submission is required. If you anticipate difficulty with this, please contact Suzanne Lossing at 810.735.6303 for assistance.

Q. What are the most important keys to success for this grant program?
A. Adhere to the guidelines and criteria posted on the Share Art Flint website, and be as specific as possible about who, what, when, where and why. Write a compelling story about how your project will have an effect on the lives of community members. Placemaking projects will be scored higher in the review process. Check the budget to be sure the numbers are accurate and added correctly. Make sure your income and expense balance. There are no guarantees, however, and this grant program is expected to be competitive.

Q. Can I get coaching to write a better grant?

A. Yes. Three Share Art Flint Mini-grant workshops are scheduled for 2016. See Below for dates, locations and times.

Monday, January 18, 2016; 1:30pm

Greater Flint Arts Council

816 South Saginaw Street

Flint, MI 48502



Monday, February 15, 2016; 10:00am

Hispanic Technology Center of Greater Flint

2101 Lewis Street

Flint, MI 48506



Monday, February 15, 2016; 2:00pm

The New McCree Theatre

2040 W. Carpenter Road

Flint, MI 48504



Please RSVP your intended attendance to 810-238-2787 or

2016 Share Art Flint Mini Grants Are Made Possible by a Generous Grant from the Ruth Mott Foundation