Share Art Flint

Richard Hunt Sculpture at Applewood

Greater Flint Arts Council (GFAC) programs and services are designed to engage the community in creative processes, support the work of Michigan artists, develop sustainability in arts agencies throughout Genesee County and bordering communities, aid in the development of new programs and new careers in the arts, increase awareness of the vast number of artistic/cultural offerings, enhance arts education at all levels, stimulate local economic growth and showcase to the nation the beauty and livability of the greater Flint community. GFAC provides support services and we are presenters as we strive to create professional venues for Michigan artists to build their careers and enhance economic development. At GFAC we believe that emerging art can transform our community and we can be instrumental in creating an environment where art can emerge.

Strategically located in the center of Genesee County, downtown Flint, we operate from an18,000 sq. ft. storefront on the main street. GFAC operates a 4,000 sq. ft. gallery and small performance space in the front of our building on street level and we use 2,000 sq. ft. of office and work space in the rear.

Greater Flint Arts Council has a long history of offering quality art and cultural programs to the greater Flint community. Through assessment and evaluation, these programs are tailored to the needs of local artists, arts and cultural agencies, educational institutions and members of the community who want to be involved in arts and cultural programs. With the involvement of concerned citizens for the arts in greater Flint, local artists, arts and cultural agencies, educational institutions, a committed Board of Trustees and competent staff, Greater Flint Arts Council will continue to provide necessary programs and services to our community.




2016 Share Art Flint Mini Grants Are Made Possible by a Generous Grant from the Ruth Mott Foundation